Do you really want to come out of this maya? How do you recognize that desire? No matter what you are doing, that surge to be free should continue, that desire to uncover all that you are.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna (the seeker, the warrior) is saying to Krishna (the Divine Self): “This mind is like the wind, restless. How do I manage this restless mind?” Krishna said: “Two things will help you: vairagya and abhyasa.” Vairagya is to be detached from the things of the world that pull your attention. You don’t have to give up anything but give up the attachment to it. If you don’t give up that attachment, how can the mind be peaceful? Do you recognize that attachment to the world and do you recognize that you do not need that attachment? If the Universe provides everything, why do you worry? All you need to be is deserving.

Is that easy to practice? No, that is where the real sadhana is. But the promise is that if we can make that connection with the Divine rather than the world, all these things that we may need and want will come to us. Krishna said: “If you think of me single-mindedly, I will bring everything to you.” How many people practice this?

How do we grow that desire to want to become detached? We need to be discriminating! We need to use the gift of the intellect (buddhi) in every situation. How do we become detached? It is easy! If you want to go after food, think about the consequences. Not tomorrow, but now! Think of the consequences of what happens when you don’t exercise, sleep adequately, drink enough, or overwork. If you hold the consequences in your mind continuously, you will wake up.

The second thing is abhyasa, the practice. Stay with the practice day after day. Do you practice one day and think it is enough? We should not think of God only one day, but every day. If we are able to see that we are not the ego but the Divine, if we see the Divine behind the ego, then we can begin to feel as an instrument and not the doer. If we can see that the Divine is the doer, we will see a big difference in our sadhana.

So we need to practice, practice, practice! When does it begin? From the moment your eyes open in the morning! Gratitude to the universe, making that connection with the Divine, and recharging the body: drink water, begin to breathe deeply, move the limbs a bit. How many of you do that? You start the worry in the morning and continue that during the day.

And throughout the day in every interaction, the Divine is there. How forgetful we are. The world is a see saw. Not every day is full of bliss. The weather, environment, body, all change continuously. You have to meet that change from the God space. That is where timelessness and changelessness is.

How do you grow the desire, the awareness, the practice? By right company. Stay in the company that can motivate you. The company of the right thoughts. Look at what and who you are associating with and choose those that can uplift you. If you stay in noble company, that will inspire you.

Stay in the practice of taking a few moments in the day to come back to the God space. If you work in an office behind a computer, don’t lose the Divine. Think that the Divine is behind your thoughts. Guruji loves to open his mental space, where he can see more, feel more, and work more in harmony with the Universe. If he opens up the mind, expansively, he can pick up all the information in the space. He can pick up what happens in the body, and intuitive awareness kicks in. In expanding the mind in every situation, we can keep God with us.

Grow that desire to be more united with the Divine, in thought, in emotion, and in action. Grow it and let it stay with you. Then life will open itself up to you and everything you need and want will come to you in the perfect way!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!


  • The desire to become free and uncover all that we are should be there continuously.
  • To manage the restless mind, we need two things: vairagya and abhyasa. Vairagya is detachment and abhyasa is the continuous practice.
  • Recognize that attachment you have to the world and recognize that we do not need to have that attachment. If we make that connection to the Divine, all that we need and want will come to us.
  • To grow the desire to become detached, use the intellect (buddhi). Think of the consequences of anything that you do, for example related to food, exercise, overworking, or overstressing.
  • Begin your practice in the morning from the moment you open your eyes. Start your day with gratitude and that connection to the Divine and recharge the body. Do not start your day with worry!
  • Remember that the world is a place full of change. We have to meet that change from the God space. Also remember that the Divine is there in every interaction.
  • Grow your desire and strengthen your practice by associating with that company that can uplift you. This includes the company of the right thoughts.
  • Take moments throughout your day to come back to the God space. If you do mental work, keep an expansive mind. Then you can pick up everything in the space, feel what happens in your body, and be intuitive.

Feel free to leave a comment below! I’d love to hear how you are using these teachings today in your practice!


(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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