You have been veiled. She has veiled Herself for the Play. You need to have Her eyes to see the Play and not the eyes of the ego. Sometimes you feel so alone and separate and lacking in knowledge, assurance, and security, but that is part of the Play. This Play of maya is described as a dream, illusory, a contraction in consciousness. But She has veiled Herself for the Play of unveiling!

In the teaching of Kashmir Shaivism, it is said that there are five cosmic processes:

  • Creating
  • Sustaining
  • Dismantling/dissolving
  • Concealment: She has hidden Herself in the maya
  • Liberating/Grace: the power of Grace can liberate us from the concealment

In this teaching, it is said: As is the Universal consciousness and power, so is the jiva or sentient being. Just not to the degree. Though She has concealed Herself, She has left the jiva with these fivefold powers as well. You can create with your thoughts and ego, you can sustain whatever you have created, you can dismantle it if you wish, you can hide whatever you have created in your mind or inner space, and you have the power to bring it back.

So you have the power of Universal support in every moment to liberate your essence and come out of the maya. Why do you feel powerless? Seek and you shall find! If you seek, you will uncover. Ask and it shall be given. Knock and it will open to you. So why do you stay in ignorance and separation?

How many of you have the consciousness that God is within you at every moment, so that you can be fearless? How many can truly say that you have the Divine with you in every moment?

We need to develop that faith in the Divine. We have the power to stay in that awareness or promise that the Divine is within us at all times. If you have that faith, you will see it manifesting. You will lose the notion of poverty consciousness. You have confidence based on that you feel that the Divine is present with you in any challenge.

How do we grow into that faith? Sadhana! You need to retreat yourself. You can still retreat even when active in the secular world! Shut your senses off from the noise. You can do that whilst in the midst of it. Just detach. You have the power to do that. Though in the beginning you may need a silent space, but when you have learned and the mind is strong, you can be anywhere and the mind will not be touched.

If you are a musician or sportsperson, you know how important practice is! If you want to strengthen the mind, you need to practice. Not spend one day every week and expect to be an expert. And the beauty is when you can practice in every moment. Sadhana is not for certain moments of the day only. We should never forget that the Divine is with us. We grow that faith by sadhana.

She is constantly speaking to you through a Universe. Not just a Guru but anybody can bring a message to you if you have the eyes to see it. You have the support of the entire Universe with you in every moment. Kundalini Shakti is the one who is managing everything, and She is watching over you and has your back.

Guru is the way. Have faith. A whole Universe supports your sadhana!


  • There are five cosmic processes in the Universe: creating, sustaining, dismantling, concealment, and grace. Kundalini has concealed or veiled Herself for the Play of unveiling. These five cosmic powers are also in us. We have Universal support in every moment to liberate our essence and come out of the maya.
  • Do we have faith in the Divine? Do we have the consciousness that God is within us in every moment?
  • We grow this faith by our sadhana. We need to retreat ourselves. In the beginning, we may need a silent space, but once we learn, we can also retreat in the midst of the secular world. Once we learn how to shut off our senses and detach, we can do so everywhere.
  • Practice is important. Make sadhana something you do every moment of the day.
  • Do you see the support of the Universe in every moment?

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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