You have been given all the tools to unveil the Play. The play of energy is in the mind, which is the source of the ego, but this is really an illusion. When you are sick, in essence you are not really sick. That which is you, isn’t sick. That is maya: the illusory energy of existence, wrapping itself into the illusion. It is not your play but the Play of the Divine that is manifesting in and through your ego. The ego feels the pain. Let that pain motivate you to wake up from the illusion, from the ignorance.

You are the Divine in the human experience but you don’t really know that. It is an evolutionary process, so no matter what you do (if you pleasure the ego, give it power, allow it to be lustful and proud) you are going to learn through that process. She will teach you. That process through which she teaches you is called the Karmic Play.

The mental space is the most important, as that is where you begin to perceive how you are being held in ignorance. Are you comfortable with not knowing who you are? Are you comfortable with pleasuring the body, with seeking power, or do you want to break free and come to a place of true peace and happiness? There you are detached from the whole process, can see it for what it is, and you can play with it. You can use the ego but in Divine awareness. Then you will be able to heal yourself, lift yourself, and support others.

That’s why you need to make that connection with the Divine. If you seek the Divine first, all the things in the Play will be yours. You will not become caught or driven by the senses.

Some of us when we hear these beautiful stories about the Self inside that can give us all these things, we want to jump there right away. It doesn’t work like that. It is a step-by-step journey. Stay with the step in front of you! Only look at the one step in front of you! Otherwise, you are burdening the mind. Stay in the present moment, because maya makes you think of past and future. Why? Because of all the memories in the memory bank (akash) that you maybe have not worked through yet. There may be memories of sickness, of past lives, and they continue to impact you. When you see someone, the past memories of them may continue to haunt you. You carry the burdens of the past and the fear of the future or your fantasies that may not be achievable.

Can we live firmly in the present with only the one step before us? The Karmic Play holds us in the burden of past and future but the present moment allows us to stay fully with all possibilities. If you want to break maya’s veil, stay with the present moment. Stay with that one step.

Do you recognize that one step? Do you recognize that all the relationships around you are the next step? Do you try to run away or escape them, or do you work through them with the support of the Divine? Where does maya have you in the moment? Use that as the step before you. If you work through it, you will be surprised that the Universe around you changes. It is as simple as that, but we don’t believe it can be that simple.

Come to a place where we can hold all possibilities. The infinite Self is already within you. All you have learned came from within. The outer world can only stimulate it. All is within, you just need to uncover it. If you work the first step, you will automatically be led to the next step. The stage will transform. If only you could be wise enough to see that, you would not worry about anything. You would stay aligned to Divine will.

Patanjali said in the niyamas, “ishvara pranidhana”: offer all our actions to the Divine. We call it surrender, but it really means alignment. Everything we do becomes an offering to the Divine because you are aligned to the Divine. Hindus have a prayer that God is the one who is eating, the process of eating, and the food itself. We need to stay aligned in the whole maya experience of life. If you don’t experience it yet, keep reminding yourself. Use the mantra: God is within me, God is around me.

That is how you meet the Karmic Play. Not fighting back but flowing with the Universe. That is how you meet the challenge of the veil. Meet it with alignment to the Divine. And stay with the first step. One step at the time! Stay in the present moment. If you go back to the past, hold it in the present moment where you can transform the past using reasoning power and intuition. Even if the future tends to overwhelm you, stay in the present because the present determines the future. Stay aligned with the Divine and it will bring full security to you. The universe will take care of every need that you have.


  • Are you comfortable with not knowing who you are and with limited power or do you want to make that connection to the Divine and break free from the illusion?
  • Know that the Self is already within you. Experiencing it is just an uncovering process. But don’t try to jump there right away.
  • Stay with the one step in front of you. This is a step-by-step journey. If you work through that one step, the next step will open up to you. You don’t need to worry about anything. Can you recognize that one step? Where has the Universe placed you? What relationships are around you?
  • Offer all your actions to the Divine and stay aligned to the Divine. If you don’t experience this yet, remind yourself. You may use the mantra: “God is within me, God is around me.”

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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