Are you able to perceive the veil of maya, and the limitation of this veiled condition? Because when you feel limited by individuality, when you feel the burden of that limitation, then you will feel the desire for freedom. Deep within you is that surge for ultimate freedom. Are you aware of it? Or are you so caught in the maya that you don’t have that strength of desire?

When Guruji was twenty, he realized he could not control his mind and his emotions, and he did not know who he was and who God was, and he could not accept that. He could see through the limitations. He read every book that he could, but reading was so dry. He felt blocked. Human pleasures became distasteful. He didn’t care for company and became more alone. He would roam around and look at the sunset and crave that peace. Then he read the book by swami Vivekananda, who said that if you meet someone who lives in the light completely, that being will give an impulse to your soul that can lift you and awaken you. Guruji became very motivated by that and didn’t want anything but the Master. That is why he went to India at 21, to become an apprentice to the Master. 4 months later he could come back as a different person, with his cup filled and realizing that he could do the work now. Then it became a joyful uncovering process, seeking further with Kundalini’s support. 

So it started with the burden of limitation, the condition of maya. You need to have that desire to break free. Otherwise we can get caught up. For example, you may want to break free of poverty and you get caught up in possession, but the more you have, the more you don’t have enough. Some get caught up in the pleasures and become blinded by that. Some get caught up in pursuit of power and become territorial and get caught up in that. But the soul inside will become more and more thirsty for true freedom!

Do you know what this veil does to us? It limits several things:

  • It limits our experience of infinite knowledge. We come into secular knowledge, while the soul is really omniscient. When you become liberated from this maya condition while still in the body, you don’t feel like you don’t know but you feel like you are connected to that that knows everything. All the knowledge you need for a certain condition or situation will come to you. So then you feel omniscient. Any knowledge you need will come to you immediately. 
  • She limits the feeling of contentment and joy and fulfillment which the soul has in its essence and brings you into the pursuit of pleasure in the maya
  • And She takes away the idea of potency: you don’t feel like you can do or create anything that you want. You feel limited by a wall around you. That is a maya condition: wanting power, but getting caught in secular power. When you come into that state of freedom, you will feel that you can do anything IN Her. 
  • Maya also makes you a time bound creature, carrying the burden of the past and the fears of the future. You are caught in past, present, and future. When you become liberated, you are not time bound and you live fully in the present moment. You don’t carry any burden of past thoughts. 
  • Another condition of maya is limited space. In the body we are earth bound. We dream to fly and create an airplane to fly, but in the soul we can fly anywhere. Guruji can be with you wherever you are, he is not bound by space. When you come into Her, you can connect to anyone, anywhere in the Universe. All dimensions of existence are accessible to you. You don’t feel limited by space. 

Those are the conditions of maya that hold us in a burden. And in the last few days Guruji has shown us what this condition imposes on us and how we can come out of it. But we first need the desire to come out of this. It is okay if you don’t want it, you can continue to create everything you wish, but at some point the desire will come. Guruji is there for those souls who are hungry for it! For those souls who want liberation from the bondage of maya. 


  • Seek to perceive the veil of maya and the limitations of the veiled condition that we are in.
  • Observe the limitations we have in:
    • Knowledge
    • Joy and contentment
    • Power 
    • Time
    • Space
  • Do we have the desire to come out of this limitation? How strong is your desire for liberation?

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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