The goal is to take meditative awareness out into the active world. Most of us cannot cocoon ourselves to one room and we don’t need to do that with proper guidance. We can stay cocooned whilst in activity.

The most important discipline is the mindfulness discipline, the observation, the witnessing. Witnessing from a space of no labeling, no judgment, no opinions. The moment we label something, we have limited it. In this universe, there is constant change. People’s intentions and consciousness constantly changes, and planetary changes, or physical changes are happening. Only the witness can help us in the change process.

In witnessing, we can go to a space inside where there is total silence, peace, love, goodness, blissfulness. We can be so contented that we can blissfully meet with change. We need to have enough faith in the Divine, in Kundalini Shakti, in that power that is controlling the universe. If we stay aligned to Divine will, then we can stay intuitive. In every moment, we can ask: what should we do here? We need to stay united with that Divine principle in every action, in every thought process. We often get carried away and then we need to face the consequences of our actions. That is how the Karmic Play binds us. Can we stay witnessing throughout the day, contentedly? Yes! We can take ownership of our life process! 

We can be aware of everything no matter what we do. We can carry that awareness into the workplace. The secular world is not different from the spiritual. This is the practice: stay in the observer, stay witnessing. Witness your physical body., Witness how every thought impacts your physical body. Your body is like an animal that responds to you. It reacts to your emotions, to the food, to overworking, to not getting enough sleep, to stress. We tend to go for a pill first, but we just need to remove stress and create harmony again. It is beautiful when we can stay aware of everything that happens in the physical field. Our cells are intelligent and can be programmed to adapt to circumstances. But we need awareness for that. Patanjali said that if we focus on the navel chakra, we get more in contact with the physical body. 

So we need meditative awareness in activity, witnessing in activity, even when we are fully active. When we chant, we can do so from every chakra, and the same for other physical activity. We can integrate the spiritual world with the secular. 

Stay with witnessing in everything that you do. Witness the physical body. Be aware of how your emotions and thoughts impact your physical body and wellbeing. 

Learn to live in harmony in every space. Learn not to create new karmas by imposing your will on the world around you. Learn to work with the karmas so that you can evolve in consciousness. 


  • Take meditative awareness into the world in everything that you do
  • Find that space where we can feel contented, intuitive, and united with the Divine
  • Witness the physical body and be aware of the impact of your thoughts and emotions

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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