Blessing of a Master’s guidance

What does masterful guidance look like? Some people give advice based on their priorities, their life experiences, their personalities. But Masters who can channel Divine guidance are in a category all on their own. They provide the guidance we need to take the next step on our evolutionary journey. They are the voice of the Divine, the instruments of the Infinite Self.

The Guide sees every facet of the Play

In guiding anyone, my Gurudev takes into consideration each person’s unique experiences, skills and aptitudes. He pays close attention to how each individual learns and tailors his guidance to suit their needs. He considers what’s happening in their life at that moment, who are the active players and what life forces are in play; in other words, what is happening on their Karmic stage. He assesses where that person is on their evolutionary journey, where the person is centred and what is the next step for them. He might even consider planetary influences. There are a myriad of considerations. And these considerations happen within a short space of time as he holds our hands while we tell him about our challenge. It is a great blessing to have the opportunity of being guided by a Guru.

Posture of a growing seeker

Usually when seeking guidance, I know that I am caught up in a challenge. I cannot think clearly. My emotions are tumultuous. And the vitality of my body is impacted by these lower energies.

He is often aware before I approach him that I am caught up, off centred, yet he waits to be invited in. He never oversteps the boundary. Sometimes I think I am inviting him in but when I realise he hasn’t entered, it gives me pause. Once I delve deep into myself, I realise I had not actually allowed him in and I marvel at his level of sensitivity and respect. How many times have I blundered into someone’s life?

Mind you there are times when I am so caught up I don’t even realise it. Even though I might be around him, it does not occur to me to ask for help. Then with the deepest love and compassion he may gently offer some small suggestion and he waits to see how I respond. If I welcome it then he might offer more. If I am oblivious, not recognizing the helping hand he is offering, he might give a little bit more. If I continue to be unaware he will leave me be, silently holding me in a field of love and compassion, trusting that life will teach me.

Sometimes deep in my heart I question the feasibility of the guidance he offers, I can’t see myself doing it, consequently growth in that area is slow. Usually when this happens I am caught up in my ego self, in my limited identity, my whole world is “I” centric. Being off centre like this leads to flawed understanding of the guidance. In my confusion I forget that my starting point has to be as much inner silence as I can manage and then try to process the guidance. Naturally, the more readily I embrace it, the quicker the learning.

In the beginning of our relationship, when I made an appointment with him, I would think he was late as he often kept me waiting, sometimes for an hour or more. But sometimes he would come quickly and I wondered what that was about. Everything he does has meaning and purpose. Over time I realised he is never late. Even though he physically may not meet me at the appointed hour, as soon as I arrive, when I am open, I feel him holding me in his field and there is a warm invitation to enter.  He waits for me to be as settled and as receptive as I can be. Once I realised the purpose of this “waiting period” I would do some pranayama (breathing practice), or mantra repetition or some other form of sadhana (spiritual practice) to help me to settle into a more receptive state.

Benefitting from the field of support

When I can remind myself of previous experiences where I became aware that the support and guidance that comes through him is not just in words, then I begin to open up. Being in his presence whether online or in person means encountering a field of support, rich in the experiences I am seeking. This field is timeless and available as soon as I open myself to it. So if I watch or listen to a recording, or read his words yearning for guidance, that field is readily available. Tuning into this field helps me to catch the experience behind the words, so it’s important to be open to the infinite possibilities of learning and growing.

But what does it mean to be open? Just saying “I want to be open” is only the beginning. A key element is how I respond to the possibility he offers. Sometimes he offers guidance in the form of a challenge. He knows all my hot buttons and he might push them so I can see them more clearly. And in cases where I get caught up, he is available to help me disentangle. But always he holds me in blessing, wishing me well. This subtle support is wonderful, but sometimes a little conversation can quickly bring resolution and clarity.

I have noticed my inner resistance seems to grow stronger when I am with him. In keeping an eye on this over the years, I realise that in his presence I begin to see more of the inner conditioning, the ingrained patterns that I am often unaware of. So the patterns were always there. I only see them better in the greater light of his field. Just like we easily see some things in the light of the sun during the day, while these things might be concealed in the limited light available at night. If I am not careful I might slip into defending these patterns, telling myself “I have a very good explanation of why I reacted as I did.” But this type of thinking holds me in limitation.

Ways of receiving guidance

Sometimes he might suggest a form of selfless service or seva to help me to clean the inner space. It takes quite a bit of self study and dedicated practice to decipher the opportunities for growth in these situations. Here is where journal writing helps a lot. A seemingly simple task may have many hidden lessons if I am a discerning seeker.

I pay close attention when he offers guidance to someone. For example during sacred conversations I am keenly listening. However, that guidance may not be suitable for me. So I need to really consider carefully what part of that teaching I decide to follow. Usually following the principles rather than the details of a particular situation is the best practice.

Of course when he gives some direct verbal guidance the words themselves are of great value. Equally of note is how he speaks. There are no superfluous words. Every word has meaning and purpose. Then there is the energy behind the words that give such a boost; the energy of love, of clarity, of vitality. Even his laughter is rich in teaching. His glance can bring a shift in consciousness. Every fibre of his being is a teaching if I am open to it.

Opening to a paradigm shift

So what do I do once I am clear about the guidance I have received? How do I hold these new ideas in my mind? What is the impact of holding these ideas? Good new ideas bring clarity. They open up the space to see from a wider perspective. Sometimes my mind is so clogged with old ideas and beliefs there is no space for a new possibility. So I need to consciously clear space so that I can hold the new ideas. When I do this effectively sometimes explanations emerge from my inner space that help clear up misunderstandings. I might be so focused on a choice that seems convenient now but I don’t see the impact on the future.

The more I stay with the new ideas, greater understanding comes, and later more nuances become apparent. The mind space begins to open up with this new information. I need to observe carefully to see the new dimensions that it brings, to become aware of what these ideas are doing to the mind … see whether I get so preoccupied with the finite ideas and miss the infinite depth of seeing. Every idea should open up a new space to see.

I begin to grow in consciousness by embracing the teachings, sometimes I can shift in a moment to a new space, other times it may take months or even years. I don’t bother too much about how long it takes. Once I engage with the process of transformation I trust growth will come in the right time and in a grace filled way.

~ Madhavi