January 30th 2021 was a pivotal day at Tapovan. It wasn’t just a landmark event; it was a magnificent display of the Guru showing us how to live the teachings, and to experience them coming alive in us.

Given the seva for the day, we divided into two teams; the first to harvest cocoa, and the second for clearing of undergrowth and removal of non-essential trees.

We gathered under gray skies, unsure of what the day would bring. A brief but significant downpour was cause for some concern…tree cutting in the rain could become dangerous. However the rain quickly subsided, and we went to our respective areas for seva.


Aligning our will to the Divine

We looked up to see that Guruji had arrived at the top of the hill near the towering Kapok (Silk Cotton) tree. He greeted us with smiles and an outpouring of love, and brought everyone together to pray for protection, to tune into the Divine, to honour Nature, our connection with the earth and each other, and to receive inspiration as to how to work in service to that Higher Self.

We began our seva working on different parts of the hill. About 30 minutes later, Guruji called us together again. With an outstretched arm, he pointed in one direction and said “Look there, those trees need to come down. Everyone can stay and work in this area.”



Infusing intentions with passion and joy

As he looked at the dense overgrown trees, he joyfully shared the intention for the day, “I have seen the inner Light, now I want to see the outer light. I want to see the mountains. This is what I came here for today, and I am not leaving until I see that view.”

Whilst Guruji expressed a vision that was beyond our limited minds, we sought to follow his guidance as best we could. Like a captain taking charge of his ship in stormy seas, Guruji guided the seva in great detail, indicating which trees should be cut and the angle of approach. His guidance extended to pointing to the precise area of the tree to be cut, whilst being careful to remove only what was necessary at each stage of the process. Those doing the cutting tuned into his field as they followed his every cue without resistance.

It was like watching dancers flowing together in perfect harmony, as they engaged in a highly technical and dynamic performance. It was mesmerizing. It offered a glimpse of the perfect relationship with the Guru: one of total humility, openness to Grace and co-creating with the Higher Self, whilst staying in one’s true seat of power.


Being carried by subtle body awareness

Our seva began to bear fruit as the view started to open up. After several hours of clearing and cutting, we were still charged up and had not noticed that it was past lunch time. As the view continued to expand, Guruji suggested we take a break and have something to eat. He spoke of how happy he was that the work was progressing well, and asked if we felt up to continuing.

We could all feel the excitement of nearing the goal and it fueled our desire to continue. There was no thought of leaving. Our joy and enthusiasm to continue bonded us. The energy in the space was high. We forged ahead with not a hint of exhaustion, focused on revealing the view and still very energized. Anyone looking on would be amazed…how could a small team achieve so much? There was laughter and excitement as we neared the end of the day.


Fulfillment in being instruments for a higher purpose

As the final tree fell and the view was revealed in fullness, Guruji exclaimed, “What an absolutely magnificent view! This is the reason I wanted this land. This is the view that will keep me here, and this is where I want my cabin.”

We all felt a deep sense of accomplishment. A paradox seems to exist in Tapovan: How is it that we feel bodily aches here and there after many hours of work, yet leave feeling so energized?

We felt a deep peace and fulfillment as our day in Tapovan drew to a close. As disciples of this marvellous Being, we were truly blessed to be part of this experience. It was an important milestone for our Tapovan Project.

May others be so blessed.

Sadgurunāth Mahārāj kī Jay!