Starts MAY 1st

Mondays  |  Tuesdays  |  Fridays
5:30pm – 6:45pm

Upper Level (Guest House)

$25 per class or $175 for the full month ($350 value)


 What can practicing yoga 3 times a week do for you?

Gain balance and mobility
Never too old.  Never too late.  Never too bad.  Never too sick.  Bikram yoga is suited to all body types and all ages.  It’s very beneficial to those with injuries as each posture is adjusted or an alternate is used where needed.

Improve focus
By focusing on the opposing forces in the postures, you automatically use the right muscles and clear out the energy channels.  It brings awareness to both the physical and energy bodies in your practice.

Improve strength
Bikram uses the same 26 postures sequenced to work through the entire body, building strength in each āsana (pose) achieving benefits very early in your practice.

“I started the Bikram Yoga Classes with Mukunda at the beginning of April and I have been so inspired and motivated by Mukunda’s patience and guidance during the classes.

Mukunda’s encouragement combined with the effectiveness of the particular yoga postures of the Bikram series have had a tremendous impact on my physical stance and flexibility whilst on a deeper level I am developing greater discipline and deeper focus that I now bring into my every day activities and my meditation.

I am blessed to be able to have the experience of these classes within the 40-Days Sādhanā as the combination of Guruji’s talks and teachings of energy use come together beautifully in practicing the yoga postures and Mukunda’s guidance.”

Denise Kamal