Our annual youth camps are coming up in just 2 weeks! On July 29th we will start with 4 days of senior youth camp for youths of 15 years and up. This camp is a wonderful and always highly appreciated occasion for youths to imbibe the teaching of Sri Vasudeva and dive into the depths of their own being so they can navigate through education, early career and of course their personal lives in the best possible way!

The junior camp takes place from August 2nd to August 6th. Through presentations, games, skits, music, art and more, youths between 6-14 years will be provided with the wonderful practical tools to meet with their life masterfully. The junior camp is facilitated by in-house Blue Star members.

Check out our flyer below for more information. If you (or your children) are able to come, then do not miss this opportunity! Contact us for more information or registration, or if you are from abroad, check out our Travel Information and Overnight Visit pages!

Read more about our youth programs in general here.

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