The excitement of this year’s 40 Days topic, “Lifting Maya’s Veil”, is that it not only inspires us to expand our consciousness to its greatest potential but that it actually establishes a practicable way of doing so, by using what we see right before us.

Guruji has laid out a wonderfully detailed step-by-step guide to going deeper in consciousness with a how-to manual of sorts for operating an instrument that can at times seem foreign. Remarkably he is able to bring fresh insights each day to timeless yoga teachings, captivating seekers with his everlasting joy and enthusiasm to share the space that he lives in. As a perfect master he is constantly accessing how he can serve and teach in a more effective way to meet each student’s needs, weaving together stories and wisdom suffused with direct experience.

For his words are not merely words.

They are driven by Shakti and for seekers open to receive, they can shift the seeker into a deeper state of consciousness.

In days 23-27 we learned how to use the path of energy to disengage the mind from the elements and senses. So often we can be energetically bound to a particular area but are unable to see it or observe it from a deeper space. The path of energy has the grace of Kundalini to liberate us from these attachments. The beauty of this path is that not only does Kundalini help free us from these binds but if they are uplifting to our experience we can still enjoy them in the play from a detached space.

The first step is using wisdom to see where we are caught. These insights are brought to our stage everyday in the karmic play. The universe will continue to provide lessons through these interactions with the world, within us and surrounding us. Feelings and thoughts can arise and with every event an impression is left in the akash, where it continues to exist until that karma is released. Guruji explained that we can sport in the field consciously or unconsciously. Accepting these challenges as an opportunity to grow we can use the mind to deconstruct the experience and use prana to open up the energy centers were we feel caught. Guruji explained the anatomy of all our levels of being and that each state of consciousness brings us closer to the absolute. By breaking down all of these stages he showed that enlightenment is not an inaccessible pipedream. It is a gradual process and with his guidance we can evaluate where we are and enjoy each part of the journey.

Ever dedicated to each student, Guruji imparts the grace to show us that this territory is not foreign at all, in fact the wisdom has been within us all along.

Whether in the hall or doing seva, the practice is continuous. This week some of our seva team completely dismantled the yoga deck and co-created a beautiful space in the former yoga dome to accommodate larger yoga classes. Starting with just the barebones of the structure they attached tarps to make the area wind resistant and sheltered from the weather. The dome is octagonal and very spacious with vaulted ceilings allowing a refreshing breeze to pass through, making it a wonderful place to practice yoga.  Once the tarps were secured a team of decorators draped colorful curtains from ceiling to floor. They then hung educational yoga posters, a picture of Guruji, and kundalini artwork.

Karuna Mayi led the inaugural class focusing on the ‘workhorse’ muscles of the body, establishing strong steady backsides of the legs. She has also been holding Kirtans in the space each evening in the hour between dinner and our evening chant, the Shiva Mahimna.

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