The 2017 40 Days Observance as experienced by Uma

With our 40 Days coming up, many of our (international) Blue Star members have started to prepare for this sacred period. One of our members, Uma from Canada, has been diligently writing on a spiritual community forum about her experiences during the 40 Days for the past three years for the purpose of sharing her spiritual practice based on her evolving interpretation of Sri Vasudeva’s teachings.  This has been a wonderful resource of inspiration to many.  Once again this year, she will be writing about the teachings of each day and how she processes them.  What is exciting is that this is an interactive forum where you can also comment on Uma’s “40 Days” thread or start your own thread or threads if you wish.  Here you can read some excerpts of her first blog post to start up the period:

” For me the 40 days are never far away. I have all the recordings of Sri Vasudeva’s retreats going back to 2002 and I listen to them whenever I can, whenever I need a pick-me-up, or even in the way of an oracle, just picking one at random and hearing what guidance I need to hear in the moment.

They are progressive, even when they cover the same basic material, and each year more of the divine mystery unfolds and I get new fresh new insights and a boost of inspiration to push myself onward and inward! (…)

I will probably share my own experiences once again as I follow the 40 Days, so this is an invitation to those of you who are interested to participate. You will also have the ability to see my progress since I have posted in the past (see my “writings” link below my signature). I love reading autobiographies of seekers of enlightenment myself, especially when they are being honest about where they’re at, not preachy – and I try to be the former (please feel free to beat me over the head if I’m being the latter – I want to be free of ego impurities!).”

To follow Uma, or to read her articles from last years, click here.

About Uma

Uma has done several in-depth studies of Sri Vasudeva’s teachings ever since she experienced Kundalini awakening on the day she met him in 1997.  As well as attending many workshops and developing her own practice under his personal guidance, Uma has served on the Blue Star Canada Board and worked on a number of projects for Blue Star Trinidad and Tobago.  Her greatest contribution to date has been in transcribing and compiling dozens of his workshop series from around the world covering a ten year period. Sri Vasudeva was very pleased with her work as it was  an accurate and comprehensive archive of his transcribed talks over the period. This archive was very beneficial to him in refining the teachings over years.