From May 19 to 21 Blue Star Canada is hosting a retreat with Sri Vasudeva with the topic “Experience your Limitless Self.” In this retreat you will learn how to be conscious at every level of your being: physical, mental and emotional, and how to develop greater intuitive knowledge in your every day life:

A Blue Star retreat is a coming together of soul friends.  Together we create sacred space to support our personal growth and retreat experience.  Sri Vasudeva teaches us that the spiritual centers (chakras) are invisible parts of our energy anatomy that affect every aspect of life. We would all be happier, healthier and wiser if we act in the human experience from a space of enlightened consciousness. Next to the workshops by Sri Vasudeva, the daily program of the retreat will include chanting, meditation, hatha yoga and pranayama, and seva (selfless service).

The retreat will take place at at the Kempenfelt Conference Centre in Innisfil, Ontario near Lake Simcoe:


For more information and registration, visit the Blue Star Canada website. If you register before March 24, early bird prices are in effect!