Our first trip to Tapovan Brasso for 2017

Fresh on the heels of a powerful and joyous New Year’s Eve Satsang, an enthusiastic group of 10 devotees set off as the sun rose on Monday 2nd January, for a morning picking oranges and cocoa in Tapovan. Whilst we always work with whatever resources we have, larger groups have a special energy that is always extra inspiring.

Krishnapriya, Ramdas, Kavi, Kussial, Saraswati, Arya, Amrit Dev, Lakshmana, Dale and Aarti (photographer)

As we walked in along the muddy and overgrown, but still graded Mamoral Valley Road, we encountered a number of fallen trees, no doubt as a result of heavy rain in December. We were without the large chainsaw but did what we could with manpower and blades (cutlasses).

Saraswati walking in along the Mamoral Valley Road

Ramdas, Dale and Kussial getting stuck into one of the fallen trees

We also found a small tarantula, which had been disturbed, but fortunately not squashed, after Aarti slipped in the mud.

Small tarantula, not sure who was more scared!

The orange trees were ready for us and as many oranges as the team could carry out were picked from 2 trees, with more to look forward to on future trips. Of course sampling for quality control was necessary! Somehow oranges from Tapovan taste even better when eaten on the land itself, fresh from the tree.

Ramdas and Krishnapriya testing the oranges

We were also able to pick a bucket of cocoa, and happily reacquainted ourselves with the fun of extracting the beans from the pods – much less to carry that way.

Aarti and Kavi splitting the cocoa pods and Arya and Saraswati extracting the wet beans

Arya and Saraswati making sure every bean is accounted for

No trip to Tapovan would be complete without formal meditation, and we were blessed to listen to one of Guruji’s meditations, whilst sitting in the breeze, serenaded by the birds, the rustling leaves and a few persistent mosquitoes.

Lakshmana, Arya and Saraswati enjoying Guruji’s guidance

Finally, it was time to head back to the vehicles, up and down the muddy road, with the bountiful harvest.

Heading back out to the vehicles, putting our balancing skills to the test!

Lakshmana showing real skill – taking a selfie whilst carrying a bag of oranges on his head

The Universe was looking after us as we had just enough time to get to the vehicles and change clothes, and as we were praying, it started to rain!

Time in Tapovan is a wonderful workout for the physical body and an even better one for the energy body, and we look forward to our next adventure on the land. If you cannot be with us in person, do continue to hold this Divine project in love and light.