IMPORTANT COVID-19 NEWS: Our ashram is closed for all visitors. Just a few essential services are still operational, contact us for more information. Our online programs are very much alive, so you can still connect to us!

NEW: Sunday Sacred Conversations via (only) Zoom!

On Sunday August 23rd we had a preliminary Sacred Conversations session with Guruji via Zoom. This was a huge success with a 100 participants and therefore Guruji has decided to continue with these conversations. They take place via Zoom and will not be streamed via YouTube and/or Facebook. Sign up for our mailing list to receive more information on how to join!

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We invite you all to join us for our amazing 40 Days 2020 Observance! Below you can find all the important links for the 40 Days 2020.

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Zoom Manual
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Online Donation System

Namaskar all! We are happy to announce that we have changed our online donation system so you can now donate using either your credit card (without leaving our website) or PayPal for those who do not have a credit card. (We had this system for our web store products and 40 Days downloads but not yet for donations). And, we now also offer the possibility to set up monthly donations, so you no longer have to think about it and can easily spread out your donation, which some of you have asked for! And these monthly donations can be changed or cancelled at any time without having to contact us.

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Tapovan Update!

We have news about the Tapovan project and an appeal for donations. Click the buttons!


It is in silence that our true Self is experienced in fullness.  Explore its depth and uncover all that you are.

“Wisdom is the weapon in life’s battle
Arm yourself with wisdom every day
If you do you will soon learn
Wisdom turns battle into a play

– Sri Vasudeva