Our 40 Days retreat has started! This is always a magical time. Visit sri-vasudeva.com for the retreat information or click the button below.

In the blog posts below, Prabha shares with you her notes about the practical parts of each day’s morning talk. These will be posted on this Blue Star homepage very shortly after the morning talk whenever possible.
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Day 19 (40 Days 2024)

By |April 13th, 2024|

Isn’t it awesome when you can experience your multidimensionality? Doesn’t it make you more aware of the areas that you give little attention to? Does your meditation show you areas that you can improve? And is meditation just [...]

Day 18 (40 Days 2024)

By |April 12th, 2024|

Today is about the multidimensional experience. All your chakras are not linear, along a line, but they envelop each other. They all are centered in the crown. Your multidimensionality is not so simple. The more energy aware you [...]

Day 17 (40 Days 2024)

By |April 11th, 2024|

Who is the teacher? Vasudeva? No! Kundalini Shakti is the teacher! Guruji is just an instrument of her being, energy, and power because he stays aligned to Divine power in the human experience completely. Your experience today should [...]

Day 16 (40 Days 2024)

By |April 10th, 2024|

Today is about the nourishing power of the sacral chakra. It has always been a delight for Guruji, especially after his spiritual awakening (his dramatic Shaktipat experience in India) when he could feel that he and his body [...]

Dedicate this time in your life to forty unforgettable days of sādhana, study and practice. This path holds many gifts for the true seeker; one who is willing to do the inner work, to dive deeper as we explore the intricate experiences of Kundalini Mahayoga with a guide who resides in this space and knows the journey intimately.

Sri Vasudeva leads the ready and receptive seeker, step-by-step, as we traverse the inner realms of our true Self, learning to navigate all the pitfalls and challenges we may face along the way. Dive even deeper into the inner workings of these mystical practices as we continue along our journey to personal freedom.

Dive into three days of dynamic, interative workshops, group conversation and dedicated meditation practices for the seeker who has experienced energy awareness and chakra awakening. With these two key elements already alive in your being, Sri Vasudeva guides you now through the inner workings of a deeper meditation practice and a life experience that’s beyond. The digital recordings are now available!

The Essential Teachings of Sri Vasudeva retreat was a beautiful compilation of the best over the years. We came together as disciples whose lives have been touched by this extraordinary being to honour his teachings over the years and embrace his vision for a better world; a more conscious humanity, a more loving humanity. In honouring him, we honour that Self. We have been blessed with the presence of a true Master. The retreat recordings have been specially edited and packaged for your personal use and now includes exclusive bonus materials.

“Wisdom is the weapon in life’s battle
Arm yourself with wisdom every day
If you do you will soon learn
Wisdom turns battle into a play

– Sri Vasudeva


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