40 Days 2018

Join Sri Vasudeva in retreat as he guides you step by step on the path of the Masters. Infused with his own profound experiences of self transformation, he ushers you to deepen your spiritual practice and ascend at every level of being.

This year commemorates the 40th anniversary of his original 40 Days in 1978. This period brought him complete self transformation, following his shaktipat initiation approximately two and a half years earlier. This series of deep spiritual awakening at the age of 23 lasted exactly 40 days. At the time, he didn’t know it would take 40 days. It totally transformed his life, his way of thinking, and brought him into a state of humbly serving the world as a guide, because he wants others to experience what he experienced.

“Whether you are here in my centre (physical centre), in your home or workplace, the energy of the 40 Days is an internal thing. And it is going to spread over into your workplace or into your home. So begin to organize your workplace, your home space, and your inner space. Put things to remind you of the Divine. Keep the space clean. This is how you can welcome the Guides.”  – Sri Vasudeva

Let’s tap into the timeless wisdom of the Masters as we journey inward pointing us toward our highest expression of Self.

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3-Day Retreat:  Learn to Cultivate a Silent Mind

In December 2017 Sri Vasudeva guided a powerful retreat on cultivating a silent mind. Learn the secrets of bringing the mind to a state of silence, where the pure consciousness of Self is experienced.  Through Sri Vasudeva’s masterful guidance, he ushers you through the steps to shift the consciousness where you transcend the rational mind and experience the intuitive consciousness of true Self.

Benefits are more peace, contentment, inner joy and an experience of Self that transcends body, mind and emotion.  This leads to more harmony in daily living and a deeper experience of total well-being.

The series is now available on CD and DVD sets. Order your set today or call us at 659-0440.

It is in silence that our true Self is experienced in fullness.  Explore its depth and uncover all that you are.

21 Day Meditation Series on Practices for Total Well Being

In August and September 2017 Sri Vasudeva has completed an exciting new 21-Day Meditation Series focused on Meditation Practices for Total Well Being.  We would like to invite you to go back to these series, share these teachings and explore the topics within your own communities.

This program is provided free of charge through our Youtube channel.  Your generous donations make it possible for these and other programs to continue to be available to you.

“Wisdom is the weapon in life’s battle
Arm yourself with wisdom every day
If you do you will soon learn
Wisdom turns battle into a play

– Sri Vasudeva

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