In Mahayoga, we become awakened in a very natural and spontaneous way to the evolutionary power of Kundalini. Kundalini is the Guru within and the God within, and when awakened, She takes us on a fascinating journey to full freedom! In this 40-Week Online Immersion Program you will be taken deeply into the teachings and experiences of Mahayoga under the guidance of an accomplished Master in a selected small group of ready and dedicated seekers. For more information and application, click the button below.

Application Deadline: Sunday Nov 14th


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The Blue Star School of Holistic Studies is now accepting students for the 2022/2023 term in two Practitioner training programs! Applications will be accepted only until September.

We are now offering both programs virtually, so no matter where you live, virtual learning is accessible and flexible for you to pursue your training.

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The Essential Teachings of Sri Vasudeva retreat was a beautiful compilation of the best over the years. We came together as disciples whose lives have been touched by this extraordinary being to honour his teachings over the years and embrace his vision for a better world; a more conscious humanity, a more loving humanity. In honouring him, we honour that Self. We have been blessed with the presence of a true Master. The retreat recordings have been specially edited and packaged for your personal use and now includes exclusive bonus materials.


Blue Star Online Courses

This year we have launched several new online courses. You can continue to register for these and follow them at your own time schedule!

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“Wisdom is the weapon in life’s battle
Arm yourself with wisdom every day
If you do you will soon learn
Wisdom turns battle into a play

– Sri Vasudeva